Just how important is product packaging for your brand?

  • The way your product is packaged is one of the most vital factors in how your product is marketed.  It also plays a major role in the success of your marketing strategy and overall sales.

    Every year a high percentage of new products fail. Why? Because most customers simply don’t have the time to scrutinise a product and will go for the easiest way to make their purchasing decision – a product’s packaging.

    So, why is packaging SO critical?

    Why More Brands Are Turning To Environmentally Friendly Packaging Options


    The packaging of products has over the last number of years undergone an evolution. 

    Innovation in packaging design, size and materials has had a massive impact on retailers everywhere.  And this is because the synergy between the packaging itself and the marketing messages being communicated through it has never been more effective – or more loud.

    So much so in fact that brands are continuously looking at ways of converting packaging interest into actual sales by making the packaging an extension of the product itself.